10 DIY Dog Puzzles And Toys

10 DIY Dog Puzzles And Games

Keeping your dog busy all day can help give your dog a great mental stimulation. And ofcourse, you do not want your beloved pooch to get bored!

Do you want to keep your dog mentally active? Try one of these 10 DIY dog puzzled and toys!

  1. Boredom Busting Bottle (DIY Dog Chew Toy) If you have an empty water bottle, you have a toy for your dog. It takes only two minutes to make this DIY Dog Puzzle. It is simply a plastic bottle with holes cut into it to put treats inside of, but your dog will love it.
  2.  Muffin Tin Tennis Ball Game – Take your dog’s favorite treats and break them into smaller pieces. Place the treats in a select number of the muffin cups, and cover all 12 cups with tennis balls. Your dog will have to use his nose to search for tasty snacks. 
  3. Dog Kibble-Filled Tennis Treat Ball – You can reuse worn-out tennis balls in this game. This Tennis Ball Puzzle takes an old ball and cuts into its seam. Once the ball is cut, insert some food and let your dog chew its way to the treat! When this becomes too destroyed to use, replace it with the next old tennis ball and just repeat.
  4. Interactive Feeder Toy – Using a PVC pipe, caps, and basic tools, you can make a Feeder Toy that your dog can roll around to release kibble. This simple DIY idea works the same way as many expensive options for purchase. This toy is easy to wash and goes in the dishwasher!
  5. Hide and Seek Puzzle –  For this Hide and Seek Game, place treats in the boxes and put the boxes throughout the room. You can go without the lids for a simple start and add the lids for more of an additional challenge.
  6. Rotating Cup Game – You will need three cups and one treat. Choose one cup and swirl the treat around in it to spread the smell. Then, remove the treat, flip the cups, and shuffle them around. See if your dog can choose the cup the treat was in!
  7. Treat Dispenser Toy – Use PVC pipe to create a more cohesive look, just put the treat inside the pipe and watch your dog whack it around! See how to make it here:
  8. Pushover Container Puzzle – Cut a hole in the lid of a plastic container, toss in some treats or kibble, and replace the lid. You may need to tape it down if your dog is a little too good at popping the container open! This takes less than five minutes to make and uses things you already have,
  9. Egg Carton Toy – You need an empty egg carton, a toilet paper roll, and some zip ties. Fill a divided toilet paper roll with kibble and place the roll pieces into the egg carton. Zip tie the carton closed and your dog has a challenging puzzle on his hands!
  10. 10 Peanut Butter Jar Dispenser – Using a peanut butter jar and a tube from an empty container of plastic wrap (or foil), Just cut up the tube, place it in the jar, and put holes in the jar. Treats will come out as your dog works to roll this toy around.  

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