10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Dog!

10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Dog!

According to the Humane Society, there are more or less 78.2 million dogs in the United States alone. Every dog moms want only the best for their dogs.

However, even the most caring pet owners tend to do mistakes sometimes!

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the unnoticed habits that you should NEVER ever do to your dog!

  1. Do not leave your dog alone in the car
  2. Do not put your dog on a retractable leash.
  3. Do not put sunscreen on your dog. They don’t need it
  4. Do not use any antibiotic on your dog without your veterinarian’s supervision.
  5. Do not hit your dog.
  6. Do not feed your dog table scraps.
  7. Do not crate or barricade your dog for their wrongdoings.
  8. Do not make them walk on a hot concrete
  9. Do not leave your dog unsupervised with kids
  10. Do not keep them in chains

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