6 Helpful Products For Easier Bathing Of Dogs

6 Helpful Products For Easier Bathing Of Dogs

While bathing a dog is never easy and simple, there are some tools and accessories you can use to help you make the entire process less complicated for you and less stressful for your dog.

Here are our favorite tools for an easy way to bathe a dog.

Distract your pooch:

Perfect Curve Lick Lick Pad

Here’s an interesting item you probably haven’t heard about – a dog lick pad for bathing. You can make bathing time fun for your pooch and far less anxiety-inducing with this distracting device.

It will allow you to reward your pooch for his good behavior without having to manually administer treats all the time.

The lick pad is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is put some spreadable, dog-friendly food on it, like peanut butter for example, and let your pooch lick his delicious treat while you wash him thoroughly.

Because of the design of the pad, it’s not as easy to lick everything off quickly and it’ll take some time for the pup to finish everything off.

A new way to bathe them:

Bissell BARKBATH QT System

This is a new portable bath system you can use anywhere, anytime. The product is a recent invention, and has quickly caught on with pet owners.

Its best advantage is because Barkbath is a great way to protect your bathroom from unnecessary mess because you can find a place where you can wash your dog without worrying about any damage.

It is also a better option for senior dogs that have a hard time getting into a tub.

You can wash pets of any size using this dog bath system, regardless of the length of the fur. This system, while a little costly, will also save you money in the long run because you will use less water for a bath.

However, note that this bathing system makes a sound, and if your dog is not accustomed to those kinds of sounds (it is similar to the sound of a vacuum), you may have a problem using this product and better skip it.

Control the water:

ConairPRO Dog Deluxe Pet Washer

Having a sprayer for dog baths can make washing him in a bathtub a lot easier and this product is one of the best on the market. It comes with two settings – full body spray or cone-shaped curtain spray.

Keep your pup in place:

Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tether Straps

If you are having problems to keep your pooch still when you bathe him (and most of us do until the dogs get used to the process completely), then you might want to try these tether straps.

They have strong – and I mean, strong – suction cups that can resist tugging and hold your dog in place for his washing.

Steady the dog:

Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Like I’ve mentioned before, when you’re washing a pup in your own tub, it’s likely to be slippery, which is dangerous for very anxious and wiggly dogs.

You can put a bath mat instead of a towel in your bathtub to prevent your dog from slipping, which is going to be more effective.

Keep all the hair out:

OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector

The last item on the list of my favorite, most helpful dog bathing supplies is another item you may not have considered – silicone drain protector.

When you bathe your dog, it is important to protect your drains from all that hair and prevent clogging.

This silicone drain protector can catch your dog’s hair without blocking water drainage.

It can also prevent other things, like toys, from escaping down the drain.