Dog Training With Hand Signals

Dog Training With Hand Signals

Dog training with hand signals can help your dog easily grasp what you want him to do by giving him both an auditory and visual cue.

1- Open Hand Down – most common hand signal.

  • As you say, “sit” move your hand towards the floor palm down.
  • This natural movement is picked up by your dog easily.

2- Finger Point – An excellent hand signal to use together with commands like “kennel” or “mat.” It can also be used for agility training.

3- Thumbs Up – Just like with people, this hand signal, together with a click or treat, lets your dog know he did a good job.

When you phase out the treats for the other hand signals, you can use this one as praise.

4- Finger Point Down – Finger pointing down is used to give a visual cue to the “lie down” command.

5- Palm Out Hand – Putting your hand out, palm forward is a cue to pair with a command like “off”, “stop”, or “freeze”.

6- Time Out – The time out cue used in sports makes an excellent visual signal for your dog for commands like “leave it”, “drop”, or “quiet”.

7- Hand Out – This hand signal is commonly used for the “shake” command, can also be used to come here command.

8- Two Fingers Pointed at Your Eyes – A hand signals for dogs to get your pooch to watch you. This can help signal to your dog that you want his eyes on you.

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