How To Calm An Aggressive Dog?

How To Calm An Aggressive Dog?

The root cause of your dog’s aggression is not because they’re naturally “bad”. Most likely they are fearful of or insecure with a particular environment or stimulus. 

Common causes of dog aggression

  • A traumatic event or series of traumatic experiences with people or other dogs.
  • A lack of socialization with particular environments or types of individuals.
  • A history of having important resources such as food or comfort removed or denied.

Tips For Calming Your Dog

Exercise your dog – The best way to exercise your dog is to walk your dog regularly at least twice a day and also play in the park to help them off with excess energy.

Socialize with other dogs – The best way to do this is by taking your dog to a dog park or creating one on one play dates with other dogs to provide an environment that encourages social interaction. 

Make Dietary Adjustments – Dietary supplementation with tryptophan and DHA can also be beneficial for your dog’s behavior.

According to study tryptophan can increase the amount of serotonin in the brain and has been shown to reduce aggression in some animals DHA, can improve your dog’s behavior among the many other health benefits that come with it.

Neutering – Animal Neutering reduces a dog’s drive to roam, and seek out members of the opposite sex for mating making it not prone to fight with other dogs. It is also good for the general health of your dog.