How To Make Your Own Dog Toys

How To Make Your Own Dog Toys

As a loving dog parent, you always want your dog to be happy and active all day. Dog toys and other stuffs are all basic necessities for your dog’s happiness.

However, some dog toys nowadays are really expensive and you don’t want to spend a lot of dollars just to buy these stuffs.

In this post, I will share to you the best way to spoil your dog with these simple and easy DIY homemade dog toys:

DIY Homemade Fetch Toys

Ball Toy

  1. Wad up newspaper into a ball.
  2. Cover the outside of the ball with duct tape; make sure not to leave any sticky sides facing out.
  3. You can use other items for the stuffing, including rags or other paper.
  4. Make sure you make the ball big enough that your dog can’t swallow it.

Newspaper Ball Dog Toy

  1. Take several sheets of newspaper and put them together into a big ball.
  2. Make sure the ball is too big to be choked on.
  3. Toss it—the dogs will have so much fun ripping into it.

DIY Dog Tug Toys

Fun Fleece Braid

Leftover fleece or an old blanket ready to be used for rags, this toy is quick and easy to make 

  1. Cut fleece into three strips.
  2. Tie the ends into a knot, then braid the fleece pieces together.
  3. Tie off the other ends.

You have a fast and fun dog toy.

Fleece Pull Toy: Strips of fleece tied together can make a fun pull and tug toy for your dogs. It is a great way to use up fleece clothing that is no longer worth wearing.

Simple Knotted Toy

Tie a knot on each end of a length of rope for a fun tug toy; you can make these out of different lengths to give your dog variety.

Loop-Rope Dog Toy

You can also take a longer length of rope, about two feet, and tie the ends together to make a loop.

This is fun for dogs who like to play tug and especially work great if you have a couple of dogs since you can play tug with more than one at a time.

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