How To Stop Puppy Biting In 3 Simple Steps

How To Stop Puppy Biting In 3 Simple Steps

Everyone loves his or her puppy, and it is natural. Many persons think their puppies are their children and they play with them; they sleep with them. Yes, they love the puppies too much.

However, sometimes they face problems when it bites others. In this article, I will try to tell everyone and everything about it.

There are some solutions and can solve the problem. Puppy lovers and the owners should read this article carefully to get the answers to these issues.

First, you should try to know the cause of biting. When it feels unhealthy, then it can bite, or when its new teeth grow then also, it can bite; however, these are common and can be solved within a few days.

But some puppies do not stop biting and need consultation. 

There are some tricks, which should be followed to solve the problem.

What you should not do

1. Never hit or slap the puppy. It is a bad habit, and it will think that the master is not behaving well with it and feel afraid. It is one of the leading causes of biting, and in future, it will be the bigger problem. Everyone must remember this point because this is a vital point.

2.  Never play action or wrestling game with it that bites, these games encourage to bite. Try to play other games with it and behave well with it. So, remember this point very well.

3. If it wants to bite then surely protest, otherwise it will not be able to understand that it is doing the wrong work.

Never love or play with it at the time of biting. You can lock it inside a cage. Never encourage it or play with it, if it does anything wrong.

4. Do not help your puppy or play after biting. Do not laugh or talk with it at least for half an hour.

What you should do

1. If it bites then try to understand it that you are feeling pain by using some words like “ouch.”  You must give it time to realize that it has done wrong work and it should not make the same mistake.

Do not play or behave well within a few minutes after biting. It is an effective way to solve the issue.

2. Always encourage acceptable behavior and discourage unacceptable behavior. It is also a crucial point, and it will help a puppy behave well.

3. You should behave well from the beginning of the day. Love it and play with it but do not encourage biting. Your positive attitude can make him a healthy puppy. So it is also an important point.

4. Morning walk is not only good for human beings, but it is also good for it. It helps to refresh the mind of a living animal. However, it may not be possible for everyone because of time.

5. Regular exercise is also good for your puppy, and it can help it not to bite, but consultation with an expert is necessary for it.

6. Take it to the outside of the house and help it to play with other puppies. It is also a good point for your puppy.

7. A regular bath is also good for it, and it can help it to fit.

8. Take the help of a trainer, and it is also important for your puppy. He knows everything about your loving puppy and can motivate it not to bite. A coach is an experienced person and has vast knowledge.

9. Consultation with a veterinary doctor is also a good idea. He or she knows everything and can help you. There are few medicines that can discourage your puppy from biting.