How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You!

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You!

A. Jumping dog can sometimes be annoying when owners return to their home.

The reason this behavior happens so frequently is that in dog to dog communication, moving right toward the face is not only common but may show social politeness and deference to the other animal.

While the idea of “training” may seem fearful, it is simply teaching an animal what behavior works or doesn’t work through resulting consequences.

There are some simple solutions to this problem that requires minimal effort and fit easily into your normal interactions with your dog.

  • Delay Greeting Until Your Dog Is Calm
  • Ignore Your Dog When He Jumps
  • Give Your Dog Something to Carry in His Mouth
  • Get Your Dog Moving
  • Get Down on the Dog’s Level

Some Strategies for Calming Your Dog

There are a few other strategies you can try in order to calm your dog and put a stop to jumping such as Exercising.

Many dogs don’t get the exercise they need, which sets them up for extreme reactions when anything out of the ordinary happens.

To combat jumping, increase your dog’s exercise, aiming for twice-daily walks that leave him panting, not from the heat, but from the exercise.

But be sure to check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s exercise routine.

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