What Does Your Dog's Smile Mean?

What Does Your Dog’s Smile Mean?

While lounging on the porch, I just notice that my dog is smiling, but wait, Do dogs really smile because they are happy?

Do dogs really smile at all? Diving into a quick study of dog psychology and behavior will help us understand.

Submissive and Aggressive “Smiles”

The most widely recognized sort of “grin” a pooch can give you is a submissive grin. Mutts do this as an approach to ease strain among themselves and someone else or creature.

The conduct is basic in young doggies when they are drawn closer by a grown-up hound.

The conduct can likewise be seen when pooches are awkward or feel compromised by another canine or human. 

Another comparable outward appearance is an aggressive snarl. Canines pull their lips back uncovering their teeth when they feel undermined and are going to nibble.

You can, for the most part, tell by the canine’s general mentality and stance if their “grin” is really an admonition.

Happy Smiling Dogs?

Do dogs smile out of happiness, like we humans do? Usually, when dogs appear to be “happy smiling” their ears and eyes look relaxed and often a big pink tongue lolls out of a wide open mouth.

Does that kind of body language mean a dog is happy?

Unfortunately, there is no real answer to that question. Sometimes a “relaxed” looking, panting dog might not be happy at all but instead, feel hot and stressed.

However, when that big smile is accompanied by a tail wagging and another affectionate body language, you really do have one happy, smiling doggy!